Workload and Injury Risk in Football

You may have heard people talk about “workload” or “training load” within the sporting world. Measuring acute-chronic world ratios (ACWR) provides a way of determining how hard an individual is training relative to past sessions. It involves the assessment of the absolute 1-week workload (acute workload) relative to 4-week chronic workload (4-week average acute work-load). A workload index can then be calculated indicating whether the individual’s acute workload is greater, less than or equal to the chronic work-load they have been prepared for. One of the roles of a physiotherapist working within an elite club is to help with the tracking and management of workload.


Here is an interesting article which identifies the relationship between ACWR and injuries within a Premier League Football Club. It provides an interesting insight into how an acute spike in training load can contribute to injury risk. The full article can be found with a good ol’ internet search.


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