Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy in Bishops Stortford

Do you want to perform better? Whether you are aiming to beat a personal best in the next marathon, max out on your CrossFit WoD time, or simply trying to get out of bed more comfortably each morning, then look no further.

Physiotherapy is a practice that assesses movement, diagnoses injury and provides rehabilitation with hands-on techniques and movement based therapy, helping you to work towards your individual goals. Bear Physio & Performance utilise thorough diagnostic and rehabilitation methods and asks for hard work and dedication to progress in return.

With vast experience in managing injuries and ailments, from the initial acute phase through to end-stage rehab and return to full function, as well as having worked in elite sporting environments for many years, Bear Physio & Performance have all of the skills and knowledge base to help you reach your performance goals.

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Appointments with Bear Physio & Perfomance can be easily booked online, if you have any questions prior to booking just email us at or get in touch with us on 01279 927110  and we’ll get back to you asap!