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About Bear Physio & Performance

We know what you are thinking. Why Bear Physio & Performance (BPP)? Well, there are a few reasons:

1. After having his first child, founder of Bear Physio & Performance, James Boyd, began to call his little boy Bear. A playful nickname, of which most parents have something for their child. When wanting to rebrand his business (formally Mindfully Active Physio), James decided that what better reason than to dedicate his business to his little bear!

2. Did you know, bears are actually incredible movers. They are competent swimmers, adept climbers and can run up to speeds of 35mph!

3. Practitioners at Bear Physio & Performance have developed their practice over the years, moving from solely injury assessment and rehabilitation to being able to aid performance. The performance aspect is vital to success. Motivation can wane after symptoms of an injury subside. However, if the goal is to reach a personal best in a race or be able to get in and out of bed more comfortably, we now have a motivator that lasts.

4. There are also hidden meanings to Bear – Bringing Evidence-based, Assessment and Rehabilitation; or Be Excited About Rehabilitation!

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Appointments with Bear Physio & Perfomance can be easily booked online, if you have any questions prior to booking just email us at or get in touch with us on 01279 927110and we’ll get back to you asap!